X-Plane 10 Airplane Updates

AlphaTrainer 3D will function within versions of X-Plane up to 10.11.  However, as the software for previous aircraft has changed in X-Plane 10, these users must complete the following procedures to update their airplanes:
  1. Load and save the AlphaTrainer airplanes in X-Plane 9 Plane Maker.
  2. Copy the airplanes to the local X-Plane 10 aircraft folder.
  3. Load and save the updated airplanes in X-Plane 10 Plane Maker, which will set those airplanes in the airplane folder as default.
  4. To retain a similar view to "circle-with-panel", download "chase view" from the following link:

Please note that a 64-bit version of X-Plane 10 is in testing.

Copyrighted, Thomas Shefchunas.