AlphaTrainer 3D Starter is a plugin for X-Plane versions 8.64 through 9.70, and is available in Windows, Macintosh, or Linux versions. AlphaTrainer 3D Starter is a straightforward pilot training device that may save your life. The Starter was added as a simple trainer because angle of attack is so misunderstood by many pilots, especially during unintentional stalls. The answer to stall recovery is still the same; reduce the angle of attack, even if the nose is pointed at the ground…"Push to Green"

In AT3D Starter, the color changing Instantaneous Flight Path (IFP) identifies the connection between airspeed and angle of attack. The IFP, in technical terms called the velocity (V) vector, will change colors while angle of attack moves from green to yellow. This vector will change to flashing red as the airplane approaches a wing stall.

A user-enabled data window allows numeric values of the vectors to be displayed including the value of the entire plane’s lift and angle of attack. This data window aids in training if viewed during takeoff, landing, engine out, stalls, spins, and virtually any other flight condition. Another important training device is X-Plane’s feature that permits maneuvering of the camera’s view while in the “paused” mode. This means that any maneuver can be analyzed, from any angle, while the current fight data is being displayed.

Custom airplanes and paint schemes are available, which can also include your organization’s logo.

Starter in a Stall

AlphaTrainer Video

AlphaTrainer Video


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