Use the following procedures to recover from a stall:

 1. At the first indication of a stall, the pitch attitude and angle of attack must be decreased positively and immediately. Since the basic cause of a stall is always an excessive angle of attack, the cause must first be eliminated by releasing the back elevator pressure, or by moving the elevator control forward.

2. The maximum allowable power should be applied to increase the airplane's speed and assist in reducing the wing's angle of attack. Generally, the throttle should be promptly, but smoothly, advanced to the maximum allowable position. Although stall recoveries should be practiced without—as well as with—the use of power, in most actual stalls, the application of more power is an integral part of the stall recovery. Usually, the greater the power applied, the lower the loss of altitude.

3. Regain straight and level flight, with coordinated use of all controls.

Copyrighted, Thomas Shefchunas.