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The AlphaTrainer (AT) project is over 30 years old, and it is time to close it out. We are so very thankful for the many testomonies of our having saved lives. Sandy Barbour has written all the plugins and they are free to use, but cannot be sold with other products. I can't thank enough the people who have helped me, especially the team of Sandy, Don, Chuck, and Austin. Because we are determined to continue to save lives, we are offering AT for free for a limited time. We will not be offering updates, and will be providing very limited support. Please enjoy and spread the word "From Red to Green is our Dream!"

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P.S Please take a look at this latest prototype. Sorry, it is not ready for distribution, but it does help to explain the four elements of IFP:



By simply reducing an airplane's angle of attack from red to green could save many lives; "From Red to Green is our Dream!" The AlphaTrainer instructional devices are simple products designed to teach a complex issue: the magic of flight. They were designed to allow users to illustrate how an airplane flies, how a wing produces lift-but most importantly-how the pilot perceives the results of their own control. At the core of AlphaTrainer is the concept of angle of attack, and how a pilot controls lift by changing this angle. Ultimately, understanding angle of attack is crucial to avoiding stalls and spins.

Understanding Angle of Attack Saves Lives!

AlphaTrainer Flight School is now part of AlphaTrainer

AlphaTrainer Flight School provides the user with a tool to create great training videos that will save lives.

AlphaTrainer 3D v3




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