NASA's FoilSim

FoilSim is a computer simulator program that calculates the total "lift" of a specified wing. By using this program, the user can prove that the lifting capacity of the wing can remain the same at different airspeeds—as long as the angle of attack is changed to compensate. If the airspeed remains unchanged, an increase in the angle of attack will initially increase the lifting capacity of the wing.

To download FoilSim from NASA, click on the button below.

Download FoilSim

We feel that FoilSim and AlphaTrainer complement each other because the user can visualize the theory of "lift" with FoilSim, and the theory of "stall" with AlphaTrainer. To fully--and easily--understand how to recover from a stall, the user needs only to conceptualize AlphaTrainer's green zone. This is why our slogan is:

"From Red to Green is our Dream."

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